Friday, February 5, 2010

Hutchinson Bailey Peterson

This is Hutch.
Our crazy-eyed Catahoula Pitbull mutt. (Think Rachel Ray, not Michael Vick.) With length like a weenie dog (must be the mutt in him) an immobilizing fear of tin foil and a taste for sheet rock mud... this dog does should not be classified as a Pitbull. Nevertheless, we had to search for a vet when we rescued him because many clinics didn't carry the insurance necessary to treat him. Hilarious, when you consider how he sits in front of the mirror and whines at his own reflection. Hutch is a goofy, excitable snuggler and we love him so much! Throughout this blog you will hear me and Josh refer to him so I thought it would be nice for you to "put a face with a name." As our first child, we love him dearly. I'm sure he will take a back seat to the children we'll have in the future. But for now, he has claimed a nice cozy spot in our hearts... and on our furniture.

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