Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something's Gotta Give

I was so excited to hear of all of the support behind us on our recent decision to adopt! What an amazing blessing! We know we are excited to add a member to the Boerne family. The title of this blog is "something's gotta give" because well... seriously, something's gotta give. Before our decision to adopt, we bought a fixer upper (as the previous post explains.) We were so excited to have a house that we quickly decided we needed new furniture, a new kitchen, new bathrooms.... etc. etc. We also were so excited to be newlyweds that we planned countless vacations in the coming year to celebrate all the happenings of our newly married life. ALL while josh finishes graduate school, trains for an Ironman and we are in the beginning stages of starting our family and adopting a child! WHOA! So. It all came to a head last night. Laying in bed, sleepless and grouchy, we determined that there is just a little bit too much self inflicted stress falling on our shoulders right about now! Why do we (as in all people) do this to ourselves? We live in such a "want it now!" world! I was talking to my good friend, Maren the other day and we came to the conclusion that all financial stress in self inflicted. It seems that its so easy to fall into the trap of "never having enough." Needless to say, we are re-prioritizing our lives. We know what is important and its not beach trips and crate and barrel furniture. This post is short and honestly, not very well put together. But, I have to run! Going to meet Josh for some Alamo Cafe and a much needed financial makeover. Why does every important decision in our marriage seem to happen over sweet tea and quick food?

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  1. I feel the urge to simplify life too. It's one of the reasons we're thinking of moving into a house on a smaller lot and closer to schools/friends/town sometime in the next few years. Some of my least stressed out times were in simple, cheap apartments when I had the least!

    K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, sweetie)