Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Fun Begins!

I loved last night. It was freezing cold and Josh and I were so excited to get cozy with our pup and hunker down for the night. We decided to bear the weather and go out for a frozen pizza and a RedBox... The best date! Jonah Hex was not all that inspiring of a movie and I was bored after 10 minutes so I decided I'd start working on the puzzle. We had 28 people give donations so I had 28 precious names to write onto 28 beautiful puzzle pieces! I forgot how addicting puzzles were and while it was fun just putting it together, I was all smiles at the thought of it gracing our baby's room one day. I seriously cannot wait to frame it and hang it on the wall! As I was writing names... Bear with me for a second ;-) I couldn't help but tear up. Some of these names were new to me. Some of these people I have never met. It touches me so deeply that they would be moved to help us with our adoption. Other names I have a known for a long time... 4Th grade or younger. Who would have known back then that they would become a piece to our adoption puzzle. Whether I've known you for a long time or a short time, I am so incredibly thankful for what you are doing. You're helping us get to the child that God has chosen for us. You are a part of His hand, His work and His provision for our adoption. I can't thank you enough! Here are some photos of the progress! 28 DOWN, 472 TO GO!

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